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AndyChat v3.00 Alpha - Build 3021
  • Rewrote a lot of the text parsing to speed things up
  • Rewrote the whole language routines, improved them, and we now use them (and rely on them!)
  • DCC files now have a .in.. appended to the filename whilst downloading
  • Nick changes now change their respective queries again
  • Implemented more join failures (Invite only, Key required) to fix some bugs
  • Server auto-joins (to channels) now work correctly
  • Fixed a bug which didn't allow you to leave a channel you weren't visually in
  • Fixed some reconnect problems
  • Fixed /mode intermittently not working
  • Fixed /invite instant-exit bug as well as on_invite showing the inviter
  • Fixed some cosmetic messups
  • Cleaned up a bit of the DCC status page - DCC status works in a limited fashion
  • Added timestamping to the text input renderer
  • Implemented some new basic IRC error support
  • PgUp/PgDn now do not scroll up and down the chat window when you're in a different window view
  • The End key now works again for 'me' :)
  • New Commands:
    • /MOTD - Retrieves the Message of the Day from IRC servers
    • /QUOTE - Quotes a raw command to the IRC server
AndyChat v3.00 Alpha - Build 1302
  • Implemented support for the Club Gabbay web room (for a challenge)
  • Implemented nick and word highlighting
  • Implemented mode support
  • Implemented timestamping
  • Fixed and implemented "Banned from channel" support
  • Fixed some problems after an 'Unable to reconnect' error on IRC
  • New Commands:
    • /REDRAWSCREEN - Clears and redraws everything
  • New andychat.ini Elements:
    • new_nickhighlight=[1] - Enable nick highlighting
    • new_timestamping=[1] - Enable timestamping
    • multi_highlight=[word] - Highlight lines containing this word
AndyChat v3.00 Alpha - Build 0926
  • Began implementation of new keyboard entry system (bloody awesome!)
  • You can now type colours with ctrl-k, warning: renders live! no echo of control chars!
  • Added stupid features to keyboard entry like silly scrolly help and cool annoyances
  • Annihilated stupid 12 character nick limit from 'the olden days'
  • ctrl-c is now captured and exits things properly
  • Fixed nick completion out-of-editor bugs (thanks to new editor)
  • New andychat.ini Elements:
    • new_ircquitmsg=[message] - Default quit message for IRC, used with /quit and ctrl-c
    • new_scrollyhelp=[1] - Enable silly scrolly help
AndyChat v3.00 Alpha - Build 0624 (Never Released)
  • "On startup, join this IRC server and these channels" feature works
  • Now reads $ENV{'HOME'}/.andychatrc instead of andychat.ini first
  • /JOIN #channel,#channel,... now works
  • Fixed ALT-[n] to no-longer-existing window lockup
  • Fixed some keyboard buffer scrollback bugs
  • Fixed rejoinonkick
  • Fixed hard-to-find CTCP replies in wrong window bug
  • Fixed wrong nick setting upon reconnect
  • New (and Updated) Comamnds:
    • /SET [variable] [value] - Set variables on the fly
    • /UNSET [variable] - Undefine variables on the fly
    • /RECONNECT [server] [port] - Reconnect (and maintain channels, away status) on a different [server]:[port]
AndyChat v3.00 Alpha - Build 0616
  • Initial Licq RMS plug-in support (yummmmmmmmmmm!)
  • As you can see below, we have more rejoin/reconnect functionality :)
  • There's a bit of overlapping code now and bugs are expected with the new code structure for stuff
  • Minor DCC fix
  • New Commands:
    • /INVITE [user] [channel] - Invite user to channel
    • /ICQ - Command structure changed, see HOWTO.ICQ
    • /MODE - Allows you to force "VIEW" modes
    • /REJOIN - Rejoins current channel
    • /RECONNECT - Reconnects to the network
    • /AME [action] - Perform action on all connected channels on the current server
    • /ASAY [msg] - Message to all connected channels on the current server
    • /AAME [action] - Perform action on all connected channels on all servers
    • /AASAY [msg] - Message to all connected channels on all servers
    • /AAWAY [reason] - Set/unset away mode for all servers
  • New andychat.ini Elements:
    • new_rejoinonkick=[1] - Rejoin after we get kicked from a channel
    • new_joinoninvite=[1] - Automatically join channels we've been invited to
    • new_reconnectondisconnect=[1] - Automatically reconnect when we get disconnected from IRC
    • new_rejoinondisconnect=[1] - Automatically rejoin the channels we were in after a disconnect
    • new_ircserver=[server] - Default IRC server to join when we type just /IRC or /IRC SERVER
AndyChat v3.00 Alpha - Build 0602
  • Implemented DCC GET, SEND (see BUGS), CHAT (see BUGS)
  • Keyboard input handled differently, wait 1 second after hitting escape :P
  • ALT-[n] now work properly and better too! ALT-1 goes to 1 then 11 then 21 then 1, etc
  • Better ncurses support. Characters are now displayed differently. If they are wrong, upgrade ncurses or try a vga font
  • Bug with killwindowonpart, fixed
  • ICQ users are now sorted
  • New Commands:
    • /DCC CHAT [nick] - Acknowledge / initiate a DCC CHAT session
    • /DCC GET [nick] - Acknowledge a DCC SEND session (and get file)
    • /DCC SEND [nick] [file] - DCC SEND [file] to [nick]
  • New andychat.ini Elements:
    • new_incoming=[dir] - Incoming files directory
    • new_outgoing=[dir] - Outgoing files directory
    • new_autodccchat=[1] - Automatically acknowledge DCC CHAT sessions
    • new_autodccget=[1] - Automatically acknowledge DCC GET sessions (and get files)
    • new_dcctimeout=[n] - Seconds before DCC GET/SEND times out (half implemented)
AndyChat v3.00 Alpha - Build 0507
  • New userlist mode - F2, chat is now on F4 and pizza on F9
  • Scrollback buffer! - PgUp, PgDn, End
  • Fixes for incorrect wrapping (one character short) and big long line same length as window
  • A lot more of the Pizza code has been implemented
  • New Commands:
    • [ESC] - Kills window if not doing anything important
    • [PgUp] - Scrolls up 10~ lines
    • [PgDn] - Scrolls down 10~ lines
    • [End] - Jumps out of scrollback mode quickly :)
    • [F2] - Userlist Window
    • [F4] - Chat Window
    • [F5] - User Statistics (coming soon)
    • [F6] - Channel Statistics (coming soon)
    • [F8] - DCC Status (coming soon)
    • [F9] - Pizza Menu
AndyChat v3.00 Alpha - Build 0505
  • Channel window text is now noticably faster, especially on slower machines
  • Fixed ^O display bug, hopefully this is the last one :)
  • Fixed user window not updating upon room join (since last build)
  • Private actions now follow queries as well as private messages
AndyChat v3.00 Alpha - Build 0430
  • This Build is not worthy of a release mention since there are only two changes
  • Responds to CTCP TIME now
  • Fixed bug to do with redrawing Channel Info line after doing a /WINDOW KILL
AndyChat v3.00 Alpha - Build 0429
  • Input editor is a little more advanced (left/right arrows to edit text)
  • Funky 'Activity' thing down the bottom
  • Sorting irregularities fixed
  • Small redraw speedup
  • privmsg/notice now go into appropriate windows (searches for Query first, then window on same server)
  • Several bugfixes, mostly for impatient users who like to do a lot of stuff at once :)
  • New andychat.ini Elements:
    • show_activity=[1] Enable the new Activity view thingie
    • show_ircinfo=[1] Enable the ChanInfo bar display thing (highly recommended)
    • new_ircname=[Name] Set your IRC name to [Name] on IRC instead of the default
AndyChat v3.00 Alpha - Build 0428
  • Very preliminary Licq FIFO support stuffz for TESTING ICQ ROUTINES ONLY!
    You cannot use this to maintain a conversation on ICQ
  • We now understand how kicks work properly
  • Topic and Creator/Created When info now displayed upon channel join
  • Channel Created now displayed upon channel join
  • Better support for Austnet (and perhaps other) proprietry motds like URL
  • Implemented ping reply, version reply, finger reply and time reply parsing
  • Implemented killwindowonquit maybe?
  • Fixed 'Channel mode set twice' bug when limit/key changed
  • Fixed border breakage bug
  • More clearing of ^O/^? cleanups
  • More ` alignment/display fixes
  • New Commands:
    • /KICK [channel] [who] [reason] - Kick [who] from [channel] with [reason]
      [reason] is optional as is [channel] (use with caution)
    • /OP [channel] [who] - Give [who] ops on [channel]
      [channel] is optional, use with caution
    • /DOP [channel] [who] - Give [who] ops on [channel]
      [channel] is optional, use with caution
    • /PING [channel]/[who] - Ping [channel] or [who], see also /CTCP [user] [command] [data]
  • New andychat.ini Elements:
    • new_licq_usersconf= Full path to Licq's users.conf
    • new_licq_fifo= Full path to Licq's licq_fifo
    • new_licq_bin= Full path to the Licq binary
    • new_licq_basedir= Base directory for Licq
AndyChat v3.00 Alpha - Build 0411
  • Server Messages are now in a window of their own (like channels are)
  • Added some missing IRC server message handlers
  • Users joining wrong channel window bug is fixed
  • Fixed some bugs pertaining to use of the /nick command (inc. nickname in use upon login)
  • More pizza mode fixes
  • Fixed lots and lots of bugs by rewritable lots of array clearing/copying routines
  • New andychat.ini Elements:
    • new_whoisinserverwindow= Show WHOIS replies in server window
    • new_awayinserverwindow= Show AWAY replies in server window
    • new_nouserinserverwindow= Show NO SUCH NICK replies in server window
AndyChat v3.00 Alpha - Build 0406
  • Nick completion works properly once again
  • Many ChanInfo bar improvements
  • More checks for the /JOIN command
  • New Commands:
    • /INV - Toggles invisible mode (user mode +i) on IRC
    • /PLAYFILE [file] - Displays file in current window (1 line / 2 seconds)
    • /STOPFILE - Stop playing file
    • /QUERY [user] - Start a query session with [user] in this window
      Omit [user] to end query
  • New andychat.ini Elements:
    • killwindowonpart= - Auto kills windows upon parting
    • killwindowonkick= - Auto kills windows upon kick (not implemented)
    • killwindowonquit= - Auto kills windows upon quit (not implemented)
    • new_invisonirc= - Toggles user mode +i upon joining server
AndyChat v3.00 Alpha - Build 0405
  • Lots of mode related stuff implemented
  • Userlist sorting by mode and alphabet implemented
  • Topic support doesn't get confused by room anymore
  • Annoying scrolling thing replaced with useful information thing when IRCing
  • CTCP PINGs are now replied to
  • New Commands:
    • /TOPIC [channel] [topic] - Change topic of [channel] to [topic]
      [channel] can be omitted (don't get lazy!)
AndyChat v3.00 Alpha - Build 0328
  • Multi-window/server/channel mode is now implemented.
  • Doing /JOIN in a channel creates a new window with new #channel on same server
  • Increased stored commands from 10 to 32
  • Fixed some word wrap bugs mainly for long quit messages
  • Fixed some ReTitle window bugs - there are still more :P
  • Fixed a lot of ` bugs
  • Fixed away mode display bug (dunno when I created it)
  • Partial fix for servers which don't send signon time
  • Better quit message parsing
  • Unknown CTCP requests are now shown (with patched Net-IRC)
  • New Commands:
    • [ALT-1] .. [ALT-0] - Switch to Window 1 .. 10
    • [left arrow] - Previous window
    • [right arrow] - Next window
    • /WINDOW NEW - Create new window, not linked to a server
    • /WINDOW KILL - Kills current window, *NO PART/QUIT CHECKS!*
    • /WINDOW NEXT - Next Window
    • /WINDOW PREV - Previous Window
AndyChat v3.00 Alpha - Build 0325
  • Added nick completion and colon highlighting
  • Fixed Austnet vworld/op related bugs
  • Quit messages for self now displayed a little better
AndyChat v3.00 Alpha - Build 0324
  • Big speed improvements (still not perfect tho)
  • Colours / bold/underline/inverse bugs fixed
  • Annoying animations "Type Here" and private message display added
  • Now shows when people /CTCP VERSION you, more is coming
  • /whois' idle time now works
  • Away modes are now recognised
  • New Commands:
    • /PIZZA - start/stop Pizza Server (complete?)
    • /SELLPIZZA [cost] [pizza] - add a pizza to menu (now complete)
    • /NICK [nick] - change nickname to [nick] (IRC)
    • /AWAY [away] - set away mode with [reason] (IRC)
    • /PART [room] - leaves a channel (IRC)
    • /QUIT [reason] - quits with [reason] (IRC)
AndyChat v3.00 Alpha - Build 0323
  • Optimised some screen updating routines and cursor returns
  • IRC messages now show up whilst you're typing
  • Better keyboard command buffer (doesn't add dupe commands to bottom)
  • Topics are now truncated to not break things
  • Out-of-date Help mode now implemented :)
  • New commands:
    • /PIZZA - start/stop Pizza Server (incomplete)
    • /CTCP [user] [command] - for sending CTCP commands on IRC
    • /INV - invisible mode (incomplete)
    • /QUIT [reason] - quit IRC with [reason] (incomplete)
    • /X - exit
    • /HELP [topic] - help on [topic]
    • /CANCEL - cancel pizza order (incomplete)
    • /BUYPIZZA - place pizza order (incomplete)
    • /SELLPIZZA - add a pizza to menu (incomplete)
    • /KILLPIZZA - delete a pizza (incomplete)
    • /CLS - clear screen
    • /CLEAR - alias for /CLS
AndyChat v3.00 Alpha - Build 0322
  • Keyboard buffer scrollback now works (up/down)
  • Doubled input limit
  • Implemented /notice
  • Nick changes on IRC are now recognised
  • Inverse (^V) is now recognise
  • Quits on IRC are now recognised
  • Added some command aliases:
    • /irc join = /join
    • /j = /join
    • /msg = /p
    • /irc connect = /irc server
AndyChat v3.00 Alpha - Build 0321
  • Suitable for IRC in a limited way
    • Connects to a server - /irc connect [server]
    • Joins a channel - /irc join [#channel]
    • Looks like BitchX
  • Added /me, /msg, /whois and some IRC handlers
  • Added IRC colour stuff (not 100% accurate)
  • Fixed some display issues and length miscalculation issues
AndyChat v3.00 Alpha - pre 0321
  • Began porting AndyChat from Pascal to Perl
  • Reads old AndyChat config files
AndyChat v2.xx and below