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21st of July, 2002 Finally .. a new release!

My apologies to all regarding the lack of release in such a long time.  The Curses issues are finally gone (I hope) and AndyChat now uses Curses 1.06 (latest) which should remove a LOT of headaches from people who simply couldn't install Curses 1.02.  This release also includes some rather major rewriting of some sections, and I'm slowly cleaning it up even more.  My Perl knowledge has magnified substantially in the last couple of years.
25th of September, 2000 Curses problems (cont'd)

Okay, here's what's happening :)

I gave up trying to work out a replacement for the function that was removed from Curses 1.04/1.05 so I e-mailed the author.  There isn't a replacement..  The next release of Curses will HOPEFULLY implement some sort of working function (start praying now).  For now, I've reverted back to Curses 1.02 and am continuing development.

24th of July, 2000 Curses problems

I apologise a lot for the lack of a release.  I'm having so much of a hassle with Curses.

If anybody can tell me *HOW* to get the attributes of a particular window in Curses 1.04/1.05 module, *PLEASE* let me know :((

24th of June, 2000 SecretNet IRC Server

If you want to talk about AndyChat briefly, or need to get me in a hurry, try, #andychat.

Also, I know AndyChat does not compile with Curses 1.04, downgrade to 1.02 or wait till next release :)  Silly Curses module people decided that some routines weren't necessary and removed them...  AndyChat used these routines!

16th of June, 2000 Slow Site!

I know the site is EXTREMELY slow.

I have applied for space on SourceForge, let's pray that they let us use it.

31st of May, 2000 Screenshots are up!

Screenshots are now available here.

I hate to put screenshots of versions that aren't available yet because I know how annoying it is, but I don't think there's *TOO* much which you'll see in the screenshots about new features :)

Oh, btw, AndyChat works in rxvt's! :)


30th of April, 2000 xterm/Eterm/gnome-terminal and AndyChat

I haven't had much success in running AndyChat under any of these X terminals.

xterm distorts the colours.
Eterm is having other problems here at the moment :)
gnome-terminal does not clear some characters (colours okay)

If anybody knows why this is happening, please let me know :)

28th of April, 2000 Slow Development & ICQ Support

I must apologise for the fairly slow development recently.  I know about all the on_kick bugs and they have pretty much all been annihilated.

Also, the ICQ support in the new version is NOT final, and does not work how you think it does.  Read the HOWTO for more info but do NOT under any circumstances expect it to work :)  And don't provide me with bug reports for ICQ stuff as yet, and certainly don't send them to the Licq devel lists :)

The IRC part (besides DCC and some mode stuff), is nearing readiness for beta. Although I may still call it Alpha, because of the other protocol stuff going on.  Expect a Freshmeat announcement soon.

23rd of March, 2000 New Website

I think this one is self-explanatory :)  Needless to say, I have revived the AndyChat project.

Some History of AndyChat

AndyChat was written mainly in the latter half of 1997 to provide an environment to chat and organise Network Games (AKA: LAN Parties) events a little better.  It allowed everybody to be in a common room and there was no more "oh damn, I only set Doom for 3 players" and having to start it all again.  AndyChat made things easier and supported many games.

AndyChat was much more than a chat room rip off of IRC.  It had features which would have been most useful to people organising network games such as the Pizza Server.  You could 'sell' a number of pizzas and then people could opt for what they wanted and you had a nice presented list for you to ring the local Pizza Hut/Haven/Dominos and order away :)  It also had inbuilt MP3 support (like SOUND on IRC nowadays), a CD player, an in-built 'find YvonneZ' game where you had to jump through different rooms until you found YvonneZ (who also moved through rooms) and AI people would give you hints along the way..  File transferring was in the works, but never got off the ground.

AndyChat's list of useless features grew week by week until sadly, Andypoo could no longer get the network code to find other copies of AndyChat anymore.  It was pretty much downhill from then.  Spent literally hundreds of programming time to work out what I buggered up but couldn't find it.  AndyChat never saw another person in a room again from Build 1322 and later of v2.05/2.06.  Windows can also partially be blamed for it's descent.. (AndyChat was a DOS proggie, thus got obsoleted very quickly).  Feel free to read the history of AndyChat v2.xx and below.