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Latest Devel Version:3.00 Alpha - Build 3021
Release Notes

Version 3.00 of AndyChat is written in Perl.  Theoretically, it should run on any platform provided you can get the modules listed below working on it.  It should be noted that this hasn't been tested on any platforms besides Linux :)  AndyChat currently is in the stages of choosing a license.  Although the source is available here, it is requested you do NOT use it in your own projects or distribute it seperate to our archives.  If you find a bug in the code, click that e-mail button and let me know.  Please don't try to improve the code and add features just yet, wait till it gets to the beta stage *nods*.

Required Perl Modules

    Curses - 1.06 or later (yes! now supports current Curses!)
    Term::ReadKey - tested with v2.14 (necessary for ICQ parser support only)
    Net::IRC - tested with 0.73 (hacked and unhacked)
      Our hacked and files are in AndyChat's contrib/ directory
Note: Some of these modules may depend upon other modules.


Historical DOS Version:2.05 Beta - Build 1322
Release Notes

Version 2.05 of AndyChat is the original DOS version.  It is closed source, and for curiosities sake, is written in Pascal.  Unlike Version 3.00, AndyChat 2.05 has been documented.  You can find that documentation in a file called andychat.txt in the archive.  There is also a history file called andychat.his which may contain some useful information aswell.  Remember: AndyChat 2.xx is DOS, and IPX only..  Doesn't do IRC, or anything funky that 3.xx does.

Warning!  This version is known to lock up Windows 95/98 machines cold.  Back up any data and do not run it on any mission critical machines.  I wonder if this invalidates it as a stable version :P


      AndyChat v2.05 Build 1322 [ZIP]