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Beta Testers
  • Ledg, Spathi, their friends & their school - Beta testing since v2.05
  • Albert's Network Games (& derivitives) pplz - The few who tested v2.xx :P
  • Andypoo - For the Active8 chat environment which we stole for AndyChat
  • Jim Hirst - For the (YvonneZ) CB Chase simulator stuff used in 2.xx
  • Keld Hansen - Memory Heap Management Unit used in AndyChat 2.xx
  • Rene Spronk - For the excellent Pascal IPX unit used in AndyChat v2.xx
  • Yuval Melamed - For the excellent CD Audio unit used in AndyChat v2.xx
  • Someone - Whoever you are for the text fading used in AndyChat v2.xx
  • Perl programmers - For Perl,, Net::IRC, Time:HiRes and Text::ReadKey
  • Licq developers - For Licq :)
The Tortured
  • #umbclinux on OpenProjects - I live here now.
  • #insanity on Austnet - Special thanks to Ben for all the kick tests
  • #borgus on Austnet - Your suffering hasn't gone unnoticed :P
  • #staticky on Ackernet - Didn't mean to annoy you guys, sorry!
  • Pizza Haven and Pizza Hut - For coping with my regular orders
  • The Gimp - For the groovi images which make this page look cool :)
  • The PizzaDude - For the groovi font which makes this page look cool :)
and finally, Albert Alcoceba, for organising the most truly excellent Network Gaming events!