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Latest Devel Version: 3.00 Alpha (Build 3021)
Historical DOS Version: 2.05 (Build 1322)

AndyChat is a program for chatting to people over various network protocols.  It was originally designed as a chat program for IPX networks using a proprietry protocol.  Now it's fast becoming a command line Curses based IRC client which will eventually have all the features of AndyChat v2.xx minus the IPX code, and will have additional features including support for all the Instant Messenger systems I can get my hands on, starting with ICQ, and also several Java/Web chat backends (for users to participate in Yahoo! Web Chats, etc from the console!).

Also, since AndyChat v3.xx is written in Perl, it should be theoretically possible to keep it cross-platform, although good luck in getting it to work on Win@#$s :-)